The American prepaid service produces Metro by T-Mobile which are also known as Metro or Metro pcs. This brand is the fifth largest Mobile brand in the United States which uses code-division multiple access. Metro services were affiliated with T-Mobile since 2013. In 2002 the Metro Personal Communication service was launched firstly. And get about 1.5 million subscribers in just 3 years.

First, it was just a T-Mobile. Later on, in 2018 T-Mobile announces that it launched its brand as Metro T-Mobile brand. The company starts branding on the New York Stock Exchange. So that the customers were migrated to the company. And the Metro T-Mobile company became the earliest brand of using multiple data plans with 32 million subscribers.

In 2019 it was the very first brand that offers 5G service. And now they have around about 75 million subscribers and about 18 million users.

Metro pcs headphones are fit for your life. Metro T-Mobile is the perfect company for mobile accessories. Their headphone has all most 8 hours of battery life without charging and gets charged quickly when the user wants to charge them and grabbing much more users and subscribers towards metro headphones Bluetooth due to their authentic clear, loud and noise-free sound.

Top Metro pcs Headphones

  1. JLab Metal Wireless Earbuds

  • The earpiece is made up of muscular metal that can easily fit in the ear and helps in reducing noise.
  • The headphone makes use of 5.0 Bluetooth which is a result enhances its adventure.
  • Headphones amazon has a plain deep-rooted covering which helps to feel bountiful.
  • Provide a full approach to buttons, cameras, and ports of the mobile.
  • Conversation can be clearer with pcs earbuds because a high-quality microphone and speaker are fit in them.
  • You can talk for up to 14 days on long-standing calls of roundabout 11 hours by using deep sleep power-saving mode.
  • Allows hands-free to use your smartphone.
  • Smooth and glossy metallic covering to produced high-ranking quality sound.

The user can enjoy music throughout the day and all night by using metro accessories. Users can also experience total freedom with wireless and with no cords. Metro wireless headphones have active noise canceling features and give their users the freedom to enjoy their favorite playlist by keeping themselves in their surroundings or by keeping themselves away from their surroundings.

  • Branded
  • Soft Silicone Cushions
  • Very Reasonable Price
  • Universal Mic for IOS and Android
  • None
  1. JBL Tune 600 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones – Black

  • These types of headphones have noise-canceling technology that helps in cascading GPS directions and music. Its new wireless charging case is also present.
  • Give quality sound without sticky cords.
  • One of its features is a famous JBL pure bass sound which can only be found in the most famous locale around the world.
  • They can be rechargeable.
  • The battery is present inside them and they also have a cable system.
  • There is a microphone covered with a noise fit isolation plate inside the headphones.
  • Have a track control and call system.
  • There is a powerful magnetic clip that helps to keep wireless headphones in place while using and also when the headphones are not in use.
  • It can amplify sound with crispy high notes.
  • Available in a foldable portable design.
  • Variety of colors available including Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Grey, Pink, and Rose Gold.
  • Also, support micro SD Cards and FM radio.
  • Used for gaming purposes as well.

One of its drawbacks is that at a full volume it starts jangling. This is due to the amplifier present inside it. Some users considered it as a feature that loves to enjoy a very loud sound while those who do not want to listen to a much higher voice, considered it as a drawback. To fix this issue for moderate voice listeners there is a tube amp pro which fixes this bass issue.

  • Wireless Technology
  • Pure Bass Sound
  • Light Weight
  • Foldable Design
  • At a full volume it starts Jangling (It’s a negative point for some users)
  1. JLab JBuds Air True Wireless – Black

  • The design of beats is according to your ears so that they can easily fit in the ear and provides more comfort to users, far from any other ear sets.
  • The user can stay at a place while using headphones on amazon or can also travel in their favorite playlist without hitting pause.
  • The Bluetooth playtime is around about 24 hours.
  • The headphones beats are dust and water-resistant
  • Perfect for on-the-go listeners.
  • Their wireless feature prevents you from the distraction of wires.
  • These wireless devices also have an answer button so that you don’t have to take your cell phone from your pocket and pick up the call, you can only call the button on your wireless and pick the call.
  • The fashionable designs will make your life easier and provide you to communicate with your contacts hand freely.
  • They have come in the market with ear gels to prevent the user’s ear from any kind of damage.
  • Not only you can hear clear audio, as well as you can deliver clear audio without noise to the listener present on the other side of the call.
  • They are user-friendly, long battery timing with a USB charging cable system as well as a cell system that lasts about 3 months after that the user has to replace their headphones cell.
  • Sweat Proof
  • Long-play Time
  • Auto on and Connect
  • Advanced Wireless Technology
  • None
  1. Skullcandy Set USB-C Headset – Black

  • These headphones have a shell a case with a clear bumper texture.
  • Provide full access to buttons, cameras, and ports of the mobile.
  • A dual-driver feature is also available to enjoy your music in a new way.
  • By the dual-driver feature, the user realized the audio is traveling from ear to ear.
  • Noise-canceling technology is also present.
  • The amplifier and speaker fit into it to amplify the sound.
  • Easy fit on the ear.
  • These headphones can be used both for smartphones as well as tablets, have a similar feature for both these devices.
  • These are light weighted and provide more listening comfort to their clients.
  • There is no sound leakage. All the sound that you listen to just enters your ears and does not go outside.
  • Pcs ear bugs have great bass but not overthrow.
  • Durable
  • Plug and Play
  • Crystal Clear Voice
  • Wired
  1. LG Tone Ultra Alpha HBS 830 – Black

  • These are made up of material that is very soft and flexible so that you do not have to put it down to give relaxation to your ears.
  • By using metro wireless users can enjoy high-quality clear audio with the new LG TONE Ultra α.
  • Some sets have dual MEMS microphones and ea T.
  • And the case can be changed if needed.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Charge them fully and then lose yourself for the music for about the whole day.
  • The product warranty will be for a full 1 year so you can entertain yourself fully.
  • You can also use these headphones on Amazon for gaming purposes.
  • The price is so reasonable if the younger want to buy great quality headphones.
  • This brand of earbuds does not have any connectivity or range issues. Easily connect with your cell phones, tablets, iPad, etc.
  • To put in your bag, they can be folded easily and smoothly as well as pretty to look.
  • Available in a variety of designs, colors, styles. So that you can easily match your headphone with your smartphone.
  • The sound quality is great for the money. Even though considerable budget-friendly headphones.
  • A carry pouch is also provided with each pair of sets.
  • Dual Mems Microphones
  • Fast Pairing
  • Nice, Slim and Sleek Design
  • LG Wireless Technology
  • None

Type of headphones that are best for users

Over-Ear Headphones:

These types of headphones consist of a cup-like structure that covers the whole ear and this type is best for users that don’t mind the larger size of headphones.

On-Ear Headphones:

On-ear headphones are usually more useful and denser as compared to over-ear headphones because this type has less bass and has smalls ear cups that fit easily over the ear. Users who want more compact designs can buy these ear beats.


These are the types of headphones that rest on the ear canal of the listeners. Mostly the people who want a more portable design can buy these earbuds.

In-Ear Headphones:

These have a small chip-like structure that can easily fit into the ear and cannot allow the leakage of sound. Users who are comfortable with in-ear design can buy this type.

Metro pcs provide all these four types of headphones to their users. That is the other important reason for growing this T-Mobile brand day by day. Fashionable designs are also available that make you look good by wearing these headphone accessories and audio streaming. Connect with calls with the pushbuttons present on them and also adjust the volume by using the volume button on the earbuds.


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