When you are looking for a headset that can be used for professional use, it is important to make sure that it contains all the necessary features. There are also many people whose profession depends entirely on these headphones. DJs and call center professionals are the best examples of these professionals.

Therefore, you may have to evaluate different aspects when choosing headphones for these people. Since most of these people have to wear headphones for a long time, you should first choose to wear comfortable headphones.

In addition to comfort, the sound clarity of headphones also plays an important role in choosing the right headphones. When you are looking for headphones that can be used in noisy environments, the noise reduction model may be the right choice. This will help employees communicate easily with customers, even if they are sitting next to other employees answering the phone.

In addition, noise-canceling headphones are also best for DJs because they can eliminate external noise and help DJs focus their patterns on music. When you are looking for headphones for professionals, you will find many options in front of you. There are many brands and products on the market today with different technologies and functions. Therefore, before choosing headphones, make sure that they have been properly researched and then choose the best option.

Top 10 Headphones for Music Producing

Here are some best-known headphones for professional music production

  1. ATH-M50x

ATH-M50x professional monitor headphones are well received by top audio engineers and daily users. These closed cans have large drives, excellent sound insulation, and a robust structure. They can also provide excellent clarity over an extended frequency range. You will hear more details in the music and be able to make important decisions.

Widely acclaimed in terms of performance and manufacturing quality 15Hz – 28kHz frequency response 45mm large-aperture driver with rare earth magnet and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil Excellent clarity in an extended frequency range and accurate bass response The ring-ear design contours around the ears can achieve complete sound isolation in noisy environments 90-degree rotating earmuffs for single-ear monitoring.

Professional-grade ear cushions and headband materials provide durability and comfort Foldable design, saving space and portability Three detachable cables (3.9′-9.8′ coiled cable, 3.9′ straight cable, and 9.8′ straight cable) Includes a carrying bag for storage Best choice for tracking, mixing, DJ monitoring and personal listening.

  • DJ Friendly
  • Great usage for recording and sound design
  • Best isolation for noisy environments
  • Affordable
  • Boost low frequencies
  • Frequency accumulation will reduce clarity and accuracy
  • Your ears may become sweaty
  1. Focal Listen to Professional Studio Headphones

The Focal Listen Professionals puts them firmly top of the course in the all-rounder topic. Overall, the fit is snug, but a low number of tight that long periods in the mixing saddle are unbearable. In fact, far from it, the longest duration of time we had them on was around three hours, with the main issues just being lumbar pain and the lack of blinking.

We found the response of these cans regarding perfectly balanced, with remarkably neutral, punchy bass with plenty of extension, full, clear mids, and sparkling, smooth altitudes. Complete with a beautiful hard-shell case, each and everything there’s a better all-around studio headphone around the globe at this price.

  • Sturdy and comfortable fit
  • Solid sound repro at low volumes
  • Distinctive looks
  • Silicon headband attracts sweat
  • The sound field is less open
  1. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

The DT 1990 Pro set is well-crafted and has been engineered from forefront components. These headphones proved themselves a genuine broad-range frequency response to perform instantaneously. The forefront Tesla drivers work extremely well at high output creating high-resolution audio automobiles fidelity.

These are the name of boldness, it’s durable along with the cups come by using a choice of pads and serves up various experiences. These headphones are well-cushioned with various acoustic fabrics.

Beyerdynamic DT is available in packed precision-woven textiles. They possess a single-sided extra-strength coiled cord which allows you to prevent tangling. They a good impedance of 250 ohms.

  • Open-backed design.
  • Quality build.
  • High accuracy for audio analysis.
  • Wide frequency experiencing.
  • Impeccable drivers.
  • Best for mixing and music production
  • Isolation is quite less from noisy listening environments
  • For low volume levels monitoring, it’s unable to provide good results
  1. Sennheiser HD-280 Pro Studio Headphones

When you’re in the market to have cheap pair of headphones for everyday studio use, you need to look at the Sennheiser HD-280 Pro. Bearing the well-respected Sennheiser name using the headband, the extremely tough and durable HD-280 Pro is comfy to wear for long periods.

Remarkably accurate for the money, the HD-280 Pro measure more than favorably to much pricier peers. The bass response, in particular, is rich and crisp, with plenty of detail also to be based in the mids and highs.

The hypoallergenic ear pads are more than adequate for blocking out extraneous noise whether in the studio or out for a movie, and at this price, you need no worries about recklessly throwing these inside your laptop bag. Grab some before Sennheiser realizes very good they are and increases your price.

  • Balanced response
  • Beneficial for tracking
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Bit long cord
  1. Shure srh1540 Headphones

The SRH1540 Premium headphones make clear sound, high sound bass so increases user comforts level. You will be able to listen most natural, correct sound and depth wide stereo image. It’s a convincingly speaker-like monitoring experience. Moreover, the SRH1540s have a robust construction developed with aluminum alloy and carbon fiber factors.

The durable, bold, and lightweight provides maximum sound isolation and reduces external noise. A vented center pole piece with a steel driver frame improves sound clearance. It provides a very comfortable fit. The padded headband is properly adjustable for hours of listening comfort, also very low in weight so easy to carry.

Oxygen-free copper cable by using a Kevlar-reinforced jacket Detachable, dual-exit cables with gold-plated connectors Replaceable ear pads feature Alcantara and low-density, slow-recovery foam Rugged design will withstand the rigors of everyday use Include zippered hard case, 1/4 adapter, two detachable cables, and Alcan Tara ear pads

  • It enables its user a lower volume monitoring
  • Good noise blocking features
  • The sound field is not so open and airy
  1. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

At this price and above we’ve used models with more apparent ‘air’, but we don’t contemplate this a deficiency if anything, it means you’re less likely to upwards with a dull combination of. Down the other end, the response is no less smooth with all the increasing daylight savings time you need without the least hint of boom or false fatness.

Moving up, the low mids continue unwrinkled, without any cheap scooping back (a voicing often employed to mask uneven response) anyone can really hear what is going on, for better and even worse. With all the R70x best things that come through avoiding any difficulties and complexities; It genuinely makes the things appear crystal clear and delineated.

It’s a high-impedance model, so you’ll need an ideal headphone amp to connect them to for outcomes.

  • Great stereo separation
  • The headband design is distinctive and unique
  • Detail and clear sound
  • The sound field is less airy
  1. Sony MDR 7506

The people could compactly fold away for transit and come with a storage case. They feature a coiled studio cord and the connector and The unmatched plug-in adapter is gold plated providing truer signal constancy.

The headband padding is equally comparatively thin, but the cans are light enough to do this not to be very difficult overall, with no discomfort experienced during a prolonged take. One slightly odd feature is the cable that exits each side from the headband and snakes down onto the outside belonging to the ear cup before entering the earcup’s plastic side casing.

When used on the smallest headband adjustment, economic in a weird loop of cable that stands apart from each side among the unit. This could be to aid replaceability in all of the cases of a cable break, but we assume that this might look slicker and be better protected with an internal design such as that available on the Audio-Technica M50x. The extended cable period of 3m is incredibly handy when in use over the studio, giving you a great degree of freedom to get about whilst.

The main promise’s disadvantage is the weight when coiled – if unplug it from whatever it’s connected to, the cable will immediately try to toss the connector onto the floor, and continually having to bundle the cable up to transport these cans can verify a bit of an annoyance.

  • Large-diaphragm
  • Reference-quality mp3
  • Coiled wire
  • Foldable headphones
  • Suitable pricing
  • Your ears may become sweaty
  • Quite heavy long coiled cable
  1. Beyerdynamic DT1770 PRO

Beyerdynamic is an audio heavyweight, responsible for the ubiquitous DT 100 tracking cans that were everywhere inside of the 1980s and 90s for that reason still available today. The mid-range is free of charge from audible phase shift, allowing clarity very important to professional use. The sound stage projected into your mind is pleasurable because is revealing.

They suggest a highly detailed view for audio, from left to right, front to back, and even into the corners. Audio restoration, mixing and tracking all greatly gain the benefits quality the DT 1770s offer.

We often make use of the 770s as a bass checker, in case they’re woofing as well as the bass masks the bottom mids we’re globe low-frequency badlands, but the DT 1770s respond almost too well that will lead to overcooking for the bass addicted.

As with monitoring, this is one that requires familiarity, and, whatever your previous experience, clear and unfettered audio replication is essential to high-quality work. The sound stage projected for your head is as pleasurable as that revealing.

  • Detailed sound with the best quality
  • Well and proper built
  • Great low-end detail
  • Expensive
  1. Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Headphones

The low-mid and mid-range are very important for the real meat in any mix, and in addition, it can be easy to help to make it a mess here without decent monitoring. The early high range (5kHz) makes us mix this region far back.

Headphones can be a wonderful methodology to judge bass as soon as the available monitors don’t reach down too far, too this regard the HRM-7s doesn’t disappoint. The low-mid and mid-range are crucial for main meat in any mix, and it can the simple to make a mess here without decent security.

The airy top, ie 15kHz and up, almost all present and correct and can control the ‘twinkle’ without second-guessing.

  • Easy to wear and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Undistorted dynamic range
  • Not for use in the booth
  1. Nuraphone by Nura Headphones

Nuras Nuraphone system is distinctive in its own way like it generates a personalized user profile by itself automatically, then alters its response as per your hearing demand, creating a crystal clear listening experience. There’s very little point in us a person how good these headphones sound, as they’re to be able to sound great to you, no matter what.

The profiling is voiced in such is almost certainly to sound very pleasing, with a crisp and detailed top-end, slightly scooped mids, and haptic drivers that deliver. Even though the Nuraphones fit firmly into the listening category of headphones, the technology is fascinating and they do come in useful as an alternative monitoring source in the studio perfect for those hasty club mixes when you are missing a sub-woofer with your speaker setup.

  • Bespoke hearing profiling
  • Plenty of cabling options
  • Immersive sound
  • High reliance upon app


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