Today’s headset market is full of different types of headsets from different companies that dominate the market. Deciding the best headset is very difficult because different headsets have different functions and different people can understand. In the eyes of some people, Grado headphones seem to be the best, while others think that Sony headphones are the best. It all depends on personal preference, maintenance, and the use of the headset.

There are many styles of earphones, such as the old-fashioned over-ear type, in-ear type, and ear-hook type with speakers inserted. These different types of headphones have various quality and price ranges to meet the needs of different groups of people. One of the best headphones on the market today is Shure soundproof headphones, which can slide into your ears. It has a soft and soft sleeve that can form a firm fit between your sound source and ear canal. These earphones have three sizes of sleeves for you to choose from to fit your ears. This is why these headphones are considered professional-grade headphones.

Top 9 Headphones for Mixing

Here is the review for the best headphones required for mixing.

  1. Focal Listen to Professional Studio Headphones

The focus of listening to professionals is exactly what they said on the tin can. Ideal for listening and professional duties. This allows them to firmly occupy the leading position in the industry in the all-around category. Overall, the fit is comfortable, but not too tight to be used in the mixing stand for a long time.

In fact, far away from it, the longest time we use them is about three hours. The main problems are back pain and non-blinking. Although many engineers and audio experts may prefer to adopt an open design due to lack of fatigue, the performance of the closed Listen Pro in this respect is admirable.

Comes with an exquisite hard-shell protective cover, we think there are no better multifunctional studio earphones for sale at this price.

  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable fit
  • Best sound reproduction at low volume
  • Unique appearance
  • Silicone headband causes more sweat
  1. ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5

ADAM Audio’s silicon headbands are a company known for some of the top studio monitors. If you need a reference companion for the monitors, they also come with some excellent headphones. Studio Pro SP-5 headphones are the top headphones for mixing. They are the highest-rated closed-back panels on earbud headphones.

SP-5 has Ultrasone’s S-LOGIC Plus technology, which can place sound wave objects in the expected spatial field, thereby providing a very natural and accurate spatial imaging of your audio and making it easy to mix. S-LOGIC Plus technology can also greatly reduce ear fatigue by reducing the sound pressure level on the eardrum by 40%, thereby reducing the possibility of hearing loss.

Driver Position and Design

The scattered driver position sends the audio to your outer ear and then to the eardrum, thus ensuring a 3D audio experience so that distance and size can be sensed. Their frequency response range is very wide, from 8 Hz to 38 kHz, not far from the extremely wide range of Grado Labs PS2000e.

The enclosed design provides excellent sound insulation, making Studio Pro SP-5s an ideal headset for sound mixing, especially on the go. The wide headband is filled, the earmuffs are strong and durable, and have good cushioning properties. Overall, the headphones seem to be very durable. Another convenient feature of the Studio Pro SP-5 headset is once again attributed to Ultrasone.

Their innovative ULE (Ultra Low Emission) technology greatly reduces electromagnetic radiation, which is caused by many headphone drivers on the low-frequency end. With MU Metal shielding, it can reduce magnetic radiation by up to 98% compared to other more traditional studio headphones. After unpacking the Studio Pro SP-5 headset, you will find that it includes 2 cables and a semi-rigid transport case for travel.

  • Rugged and durable, with enough cushioning
  • Suitable for working in the studio for a long time
  • Ultrasone S-LOGIC Plus technology can improve spatial accuracy
  • Reduce ear fatigue
  • Prevent hearing loss
  • Unlike other earphones, they can protect your ears from electromagnetic radiation
  • The headband is not flexible
  • There is no dynamic response like other headphones
  1. Sennheiser HD-206 Studio Headphones

18kHz |Impedance: 24Ω|Driver Type: Dynamic, Closed Connection Mode: Wired Low inventory USD 59.99 View on Amazon Check Thoma The balanced response is great for tracking durable and lightweight ropes that are a bit long If you need a cheap pair of headphones on the market for daily studio use, you need to check out Sennheiser HD-206. HD-206 is extremely sturdy and durable, with the respected Sennheiser name on the headband, which can be worn for a long time.

The price of HD-206 is very accurate, and its measurement effect is much better for more products of the same level with higher prices. The bass response is particularly rich and crisp, and there are many details in the midrange and treble.

Hypoallergenic ear cushions are enough to block irrelevant noise, whether in the studio or on the go, and at this price, you never have to worry about throwing them into your laptop bag. Before Sennheiser realizes how good they are and raises the price, grab a pair.

  • A balanced response is perfect for tracking
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • The cord line is a bit longer
  1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO earphones are very similar to ADAM Audio SP-5 earphones and are one of the best open earphone pairs for mixing. DT 990 PRO is an updated model of Beyerdynamic, designed for stress-free listening, whether for entertainment or in the studio when you need to make critical decisions during the mixing or mastering process.

DT 990 PRO has a very pleasant sound, bright, rich bass, clear midrange, and high treble. Like SP-5, DT 990 also emits three-dimensional sound, which accurately reproduces all the details of each instrument in a wide spatial image. They also have a very wide frequency response range from 5 Hz to 35 kHz.

  • All spare parts can be changeable or replaceable for simple retarding and cleaning
  • Strong tonal balance and accuracy
  • Provides a wide spatial image
  • The headband is felt a bit rigid
  1. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

Open-back designs like the ATH-R70x tend to be favored for long mix sessions as they’re generally lighter and less fatiguing than closed-back cans. At this price and above we’ve used models with more apparent ‘air’, but we don’t look at this as a deficiency – if anything, it means you’re less likely to get a dull mix.

Moving up, the low mids continue unwrinkled, totally free of cheap scooping back (a voicing often employed to mask uneven response) you can really hear what’s going on, for better or even for worse. It’s all with the mids and low mids for us, and while using R70x all the juice comes through without complications; everything appears clearly delineated and smooth unless the supply is otherwise. It’s a high-impedance model, so you’ll need a suitable headphone amp to connect these types for best results.

  • Good stereo separation
  • Unique headband design
  • Great clarity
  • Less flexible
  1. Shure SRH1840

Essentially the most durable mixing headphone Shure is mainly renowned for their high-quality microphones, but have got some of the best studio headphones for mixing up. However, the Shure SRH1840 is one of the nice headphones for mastering. Open-back headphones do have never low-end pressure issues like closed-back headphones do, making them ideal for mastering and getting advisable of the stereo field because they provide another natural listening experience. Using open-back headphones helps a person to dodge a drawback of mixing with headphones: the combination doesn’t translate well on certain speaker systems.

They are brilliant for monitoring and critical listening as well. The SRH1840s have a wide frequency response, starting at 10 Hz and ending at 30 kHz, which is ample room for discovery. The SRH1840s have cushiony ear pads, a premium padded headband, and metal grills. This makes them incredibly lightweight while also being comfortable enough to use for several hours when with little to no skin irritation or pressure on the top of the head or around your ears. Designed for both studio use and live performances, the SRH1840s were meant to be extremely hard-wearing.

  • These pairs are extremely sturdy due to being made for live performances as well as the studio
  • Very cushiony and lightweight, so is usually to wear them for hours that have time without skin irritation
  • Natural listening experience because of open-back ear cups
  • Less suitable for live performances as they are not sound isolating
  1. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700x

A reasonably priced choice for mixing and mastering The Audio-Technica ATH-M700x headphones are a replacement closed-back flagship model that is in order to bring out the detail in your mixes. They are best for mixing, recording, mastering, DJ use, live mixing, personal listening, and post-production, and are meant to be rugged and sturdy while also being comfortable.

They have a remarkably impressive frequency response range of 5 Hz to 40 kHz, which is wide enough to offer you the power to detect perhaps the lowest frequencies and crisp airiness in audio. A copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil is partial because of particular. The durable plastic frame of the ATH-M700X is quite sturdy, and being paired with really first heavily cushioned adjustable headband and swiveling padded ear cups makes them ridiculously comfortable.

I am a colossal fan of the Audio Technica M series headphone line as well as every pair I’ve worn from the line has amazing quality and is crazy comfortable. This is actually no exception. The ATH-M700x comes with 3 cables (one coiled and two straight) and just about all detachable and compatible.

  • Along with 3 interchangeable and detachable cords
  • Lots of cushioning on both the ear pads and headband provide lots of comforts when mixing or mastering
  • Exaggerated bass response due to the extreme pressure coming from the bass frequencies
  1. Sony MDR-7506

The Sony MDR series has been for years and does have a solid studio pedigree, borne out by decades of daily use in flick and broadcast sectors around the globe. The current incarnation, the MDR-7506 is a smart combination of comfort, practicality, and value. Extremely comfortable for extended periods, fundamental essentials are designed to expose what’s wrong with a recording rather than what’s accurate.

On a par with other cans costing twice as much, requirements are punchy and clear throughout the spectrum (with a moderate boost inside of the upper mids), while managing not to be overly flattering. So that all in all the incontrovertible fact these workhorse cans are for sale for well under a hundred quid is not to get sniffed at.

The Sony MDR series have been recently around for years which has a solid studio pedigree, borne out by decades of daily use typically in the recording and broadcast sectors worldwide. The current incarnation, the MDR-7506 is an intelligent combination of comfort, practicality, and value. Extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods, they are designed to expose what’s wrong with a recording rather than what’s authority.

On a par with other cans costing twice as much, the sound is punchy and clear the actual spectrum (with a moderate boost in the upper mids), while managing to be able to be overly flattering. So all in all of the fact that these workhorse cans are available for well under a hundred quid is not turn out to be sniffed at.

  • Workhorse headphones
  • Comfortable for longer wear
  • Great-sounding
  • Heavier Long coiled cable
  1. AKG K701

The AKG K1000 headphones happen to the most popular audiophile headphones for the past 15 years, and now AKG has implemented their perception them into the AKG K701 headphones. They are super accurate in terms of acoustic reproduction and are the initial headphone to use flat-wire voice coil technology followed by AKGs Varimotion technology. Economic inaccurate reproduction with both frequencies and spatial imaging.

The imaging is excellent, and when paired with the amazingly accurate sound of the crisp highs and smooth yet punchy bass frequencies, you go in for an utmost enjoyable listening experience. The flat-wire voice coil technology new technology. Establishing a bit more detail on it, the flat-wire coil moves within a unit of neodymium heat. The coil is smaller and definitely makes the motor in the headphones way stronger and enables the K701s to use with a headphone amplifier.

You will mainly be in a position to hear the sonic accuracy in reduced frequencies. The K701s also boast Varimotion technology, which can essentially a newer type of diaphragm that is ultra-precise. The Varimotion diaphragm has two different layers constituted of two different cloth. The first optimizes diaphragm motion and also the second helps to dampen unwanted breakup modes.


The diaphragm varies in thickness, a good 80-micrometer center zone that provides well-balanced high-frequency responses, and the 40-micrometer perimeter handles the power needed to accurately reproduce mid-range and bass frequencies. The AKG 701s also have a new structure design. They give a self-adjusting padded leather headband to the boss bv9990 player called 3D Form ear pads. The 3D Form ear pads are made to fit just right, for an ergonomically perfect fit around your ears, creating a precise listening location and optimized acoustic transmission.

Bi-wired oxygen-free copper cables are also added to these incredible headphones to optimize channel split-up. The frequency response of the K701 is a very wide 10 Hz to 39.8 kHz, so you may have access to frequencies even beyond human hearing. Overall, the K701 has a substantial dynamic range and also low distortion, with detailed highs and punchy bass.

  • For a better listening experience, Earpads 3D form ergonomically fits around your ears
  • Varimotion technology provides and handles power efficiently to give you precise sound
  • Detachable cable not added in the package


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